Thursday, February 20, 2014

Return to Vaudeville Mews

Dear Vaudeville Mews, Its us New Member Charles, we've missed you. If you take us back we promise we will stop sleeping with your cousin Vickie. It will be tough to go without the sweet smell of her deodorant but we feel its worth the sacrifice. We long to step on your stage and light the goddamn planet on fire for another 32 minutes and for that we will no longer have sex with your cousin. Winter can be a tough time, things happen, people sleep with peoples cousin's. Happens every day, just ask your cousin. And so as the end of a particularly harsh winter comes into the view of our dimly lit headlight (one headlight) we have our sights set on getting back to your loving arms so you can hold us like a little baby. A little bearded baby spitting up foamy PBR and Jameson. As Jonna said to the ark in Romulus 3:13 "it shall be done if you keep away from my cousin."
It is with great excitement that i am able to announce New Member Charles will be playing there first original Vaudeville Mews set in over 6 months on Monday April 7th. The High Energy Universe Contest from Lincoln will be driving the ship while The French Dials will be opening and a lil Charles will be smashed in between. Consider this show a sonic Oreo. After a cold winter of longer shows and working on our new record we are ready to suckle on your bosoms and get back to playing the shows we play best, even if it means we have to sleep with someone else's cousin. Doors at 8:30 5 bones cover. Linky here
 I can feel the pounds falling off of me.
Not so goddamn fast Abe Froman, we are also playing a cover gig at the Mews this sat Feb 22??? Your damn right we are, and while it wont be the Charles oldies but goldies that your used to, we will be playing a quick set of 70's tunes. See the previous post for the deets or click here, but it will be a great time with a bunch of local bands and DJ's playing some 70's tunes for your eyes only!!!

I would also like to thank the large drunk dancing man for entertaining us at the beaver tap last night while we entertained you and he entertained us all (lots of entertaining going on). We don't know what your name was because we couldn't understand you, so we decided to call you Scheels because that's what your beer stained shirt said. Well from all of us at New Member Charles INC thanks Scheels you will live on in our hearts for weeks, hopefully that cab got you home.

Don't sleep with your friends' cousins,


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