Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beaver Tap Benefit for the Sea Creatures (No Cover) 8PM!

A.P Des Moines- IOWA
 Des Moines Iowa's 47th most popular band New Member Charles Playing a show this Wednesday (9/25/2013) at one of the cities favorite watering holes The Beaver Tap. To the excitement of children everywhere they will be playing 2 sets from 8-10 pm central standard time, but thats not the most exciting news about the event which features no cover charge at the door. New Member Charles long known for their giving nature ( see 2009 taco fest )will be playing to benefit Sea Creatures and their crisis with the sharks and other bad things. 

Dan and Chystal giving high fives to some displaced sea creatures.

Proceeds generated from the cover charge collected at the door (no cover) will go to these Sea Creatures and their families. "Sea creatures are responsible for keeping the sea in order and are in danger everyday from the evil sharks." Said Josh Kaufman, the arrogant lead man of the band. He added "If you don't come you don't care and if you don't care you can kiss the recent unprecedented canned tuna and shrimp prices goodbye." 
Their bass player Chris "Bass man" Lachky added " Its pretty special because all of our proceeds from this show (no cover) will go to help these ignorant sea creatures. More importantly it will help to eliminate their most fearsome predator the shark, and as we have all learned sharks are evil much like Gargoyles." 
Help us eliminate this pest.

This isnt the first time New Member Charles has helped out. Many people (22) will remember the smash hit "Benefit for Frank" which raised 8 dollars to help Frank and raised nationwide awarness about his (Frank) Story. The bands drummer Dan Tripp, who is a Marine Biologist by day added to this sentiment on the importance of sea creatures. "With a little luck we can raise a few bucks at the door (no cover) and help clean up the sea creatures' habitat and maybe eliminate 10-20 thousands sharks so the sea creatures can enjoy a stress free life. This is important because we need the sea cretures to sing us underwater songs that will make us happy." He continued, "New Member Charles was founded on these songs the sea cretures sing and its about time we give back."

No Cover!

 And give back they will, every penny earned on cover this Wednesday (no cover) at the Beaver tap (at 8 pm) goes to the sea creatures. Perhaps you could learn a little bit from this bands music and more importantly from their charatable actions. "We have never been about the money, it has always been about the message and the sea creatures." Chris "bassman" Lachky added.

-Chelston Edwards written September 24th 2013 A.P