Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rex Manning Day!!!

Payton Mannings brother? You Decide.

Good morning its 59 degrees on a July morning in Des Moines so i figured i better get this up in fear that the Apocalypse may soon be on it way. We have been asked to participate in Rex Manning day part deux an event that celebrates all the majesty that was the 90's. The event is being put on by the always cool Hill Vintage and knits and the Des Moines Social Club as way to celebrate what was. Its going down at our normal home The Vaudeville Mews on August 10th at 9:30 pm for a meager 5.00 cover. Why would i describe this monster 5.00 dollars out of your skinny lil pocket as meager? Well, the event will include performances by Karen Meat & the Players, Kiriko, Kevin the Robot, Annalibera, Wolves in the Attic, New Member Charles, and DJ Nice Kicks. On top of that each band and DJ will be playing all your favorite hits from that era that is slowly leaking its way onto the state fair circuit know as the 90's. Thats right, songs an era free from the term indie and more akin to the terms; alternative, major label, nu metal, Lilith fair, boy band, cheese, and Evan Dando.
Sarah's wrist band habit cause Lilith to be put on hold indefinitely.
For us kids in Charles this 90's music was the glue in our scalp. We would have never been able to write the earth shattering tunes we have changed the world and history with without the Ground braking music of the 90's as influence. So this event will be a way for everyone to celebrate the grandpa or rather strange dirty uncle of the music of we love today. Plan on a night where you hear music live that you wont hear live again until Ragbrai rides through town in 5 years. Plan on a night where local bands put aside their extreme political differences to share the stage an embarrass themselves so you can experience what the 90's were like. Plan on a night where cd's are alive and well, and ipods are things only the rich can own. Des Moines, Iowa will never be as weird as Portland or as heroin cool as Seattle, but for one evening we will pretend to be. Break out your plad shirts, red baseball hats, White t-shirts with sharpie drawings, backward jerseys, hyper color t-shirts and Birkenstocks and get stupid with us, 90's stupid. And if thats too hard for you, the Mews sells alcohol, which was invented in the 90's to help you with that very problem. It sure seemed to work for this guy...
Avid Baseball Fan Fred Durst.

I did it all for the nookie.