Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good Cause Benefit TIme

Another quick post, one of these days we'll get ol Hank and Bellwither back for a few.  Wanted to give a heads up we have a show at the Vaudeville Mews tonight to benefit Teddy Reid, a very young lad who is in the process of going through a Kindney Transplant.

Teddy Looks like he's ready for some muscial songs!

 Our good pals Love Songs For Lonely Monsters are headling preceeded by Charles, The revolutionary Electric Junction, Dark Horse Patrol and Typical Males. Show starts at 5 which is nice and early and is only 5 bucks so come support a child in need. BONUS there is a another show with more of an acoustic vibe going on at Java Joes which includes The Highcrest, our pal Ben "good guy greg" Wantland, Jim Enos, Aaron Winters and Joel and Jen Kinser. The 5 dollar cover at either the Mews or Java Joes Gets you into both so their pleanty of variety to go around.
Links about Teddy and the show :
Laura Nichols-KCCI
Vaudeville Mews
Joe Lawler-DSM Juice
Joe Lawler- Metro Mix
The Bigfoot Diaries
Charles Walton- The Examiner
Java Joes

Dream and ye shall awaken the gods and Lions to walk you to harken path of Majesty


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