Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love my Shoooooooooooooooooooow. Jaill!!!!!!

Did ya hear? Did ya hear? We have a show comming up? We do, its true. You probably didnt hear though hear because the ink is still wet as shit on this one.  But after literally months of negotiations with Frank's attorneys we have been cleared to play music live music again and freed of all charges. In honor of our near incarceration we are playing a show with Jaill on March 20th at Vaudeville Mews. Who is this Jaill?  Jaill is rad , thats who Jaill is!  See below then read the stuff below that.

This Reminds me of going to the beach in Des Moines.

To sweeten the sweet sauce a bit Land of Blood and Sunshine out of Marshalltown is in the mid spot on the bill, screw it, see below we'll go video crazy on this one.

Love those notes and olde guitars!

Then theres us, New Member Charles, frequently referred to as "Des Moines's premier opening act on 3 plus band bills at the Vaudeville Mews sometimes" we are the band that get you wondering what the hell you just saw so the other bands can poop your brains out. See below.

Christ, we really need some new videos.

So there it is we have an awesome show comming up so please come and watch us play them songs. Jaill, Land of Blood and Sunshine, New Member Charles 3/20/13 doors 9:30 at the Vaudeville Mews. 8 bones, buy tickets in advance here.

Weve been puffing the recording horns for a while now too and we are heading into the studio march 1st to fart a few out and get an ep pooped out. More on this show and the EP progress in the coming days.

Give that Valentine a kiss from us,