Thursday, December 19, 2013

We did it we have the 18th best song of 2013.

We did it, thanks to Dave at Des Moines is Not Boring we now have the #18 best song of 2013!!!! There will be more to come on the award ceremony and if theirs a cash award and a TV spot, but for right now lets celebrate the fact that someone not only listened to Spooky Batches but they actually like Boner Party!!!!! You can read about all of the winners including us here!!!<br />

Thanks to all who made this possible!!!! Trust your bank, love your mom. -Josh

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beaver Tap Benefit for the Sea Creatures (No Cover) 8PM!

A.P Des Moines- IOWA
 Des Moines Iowa's 47th most popular band New Member Charles Playing a show this Wednesday (9/25/2013) at one of the cities favorite watering holes The Beaver Tap. To the excitement of children everywhere they will be playing 2 sets from 8-10 pm central standard time, but thats not the most exciting news about the event which features no cover charge at the door. New Member Charles long known for their giving nature ( see 2009 taco fest )will be playing to benefit Sea Creatures and their crisis with the sharks and other bad things. 

Dan and Chystal giving high fives to some displaced sea creatures.

Proceeds generated from the cover charge collected at the door (no cover) will go to these Sea Creatures and their families. "Sea creatures are responsible for keeping the sea in order and are in danger everyday from the evil sharks." Said Josh Kaufman, the arrogant lead man of the band. He added "If you don't come you don't care and if you don't care you can kiss the recent unprecedented canned tuna and shrimp prices goodbye." 
Their bass player Chris "Bass man" Lachky added " Its pretty special because all of our proceeds from this show (no cover) will go to help these ignorant sea creatures. More importantly it will help to eliminate their most fearsome predator the shark, and as we have all learned sharks are evil much like Gargoyles." 
Help us eliminate this pest.

This isnt the first time New Member Charles has helped out. Many people (22) will remember the smash hit "Benefit for Frank" which raised 8 dollars to help Frank and raised nationwide awarness about his (Frank) Story. The bands drummer Dan Tripp, who is a Marine Biologist by day added to this sentiment on the importance of sea creatures. "With a little luck we can raise a few bucks at the door (no cover) and help clean up the sea creatures' habitat and maybe eliminate 10-20 thousands sharks so the sea creatures can enjoy a stress free life. This is important because we need the sea cretures to sing us underwater songs that will make us happy." He continued, "New Member Charles was founded on these songs the sea cretures sing and its about time we give back."

No Cover!

 And give back they will, every penny earned on cover this Wednesday (no cover) at the Beaver tap (at 8 pm) goes to the sea creatures. Perhaps you could learn a little bit from this bands music and more importantly from their charatable actions. "We have never been about the money, it has always been about the message and the sea creatures." Chris "bassman" Lachky added.

-Chelston Edwards written September 24th 2013 A.P

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camping Party Back Bar Fun time awaits

New Member Charles will attempt a feat we have only done 4 times a 60 minute set...time to celebrate. In honor of this and our new album Spooky Batches we will be cooking some delicious frankfurters (hotdogs), dj'ing tunes, and spreading the word about the hot new sport Camping.
The gang celebrates the purchase of their 80 dollar camping chairs.
The even takes place at the famous Vaudeville Mews PBR bar this Saturday Aug 17th. We play our historic set from 9:00-10:00, dj from 10:00-12:00 and offer camping advice during song breaks. The famous Chystal Dounch will be assisting with our feee hotdog service and Kool Kyler will be serving up cold ones at reasonable prices. There's no cover and all ages are welcome. Come celebrate long sets, camping and life itself. Facebook Event located here.

Papa's teeth are good luck,


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rex Manning Day!!!

Payton Mannings brother? You Decide.

Good morning its 59 degrees on a July morning in Des Moines so i figured i better get this up in fear that the Apocalypse may soon be on it way. We have been asked to participate in Rex Manning day part deux an event that celebrates all the majesty that was the 90's. The event is being put on by the always cool Hill Vintage and knits and the Des Moines Social Club as way to celebrate what was. Its going down at our normal home The Vaudeville Mews on August 10th at 9:30 pm for a meager 5.00 cover. Why would i describe this monster 5.00 dollars out of your skinny lil pocket as meager? Well, the event will include performances by Karen Meat & the Players, Kiriko, Kevin the Robot, Annalibera, Wolves in the Attic, New Member Charles, and DJ Nice Kicks. On top of that each band and DJ will be playing all your favorite hits from that era that is slowly leaking its way onto the state fair circuit know as the 90's. Thats right, songs an era free from the term indie and more akin to the terms; alternative, major label, nu metal, Lilith fair, boy band, cheese, and Evan Dando.
Sarah's wrist band habit cause Lilith to be put on hold indefinitely.
For us kids in Charles this 90's music was the glue in our scalp. We would have never been able to write the earth shattering tunes we have changed the world and history with without the Ground braking music of the 90's as influence. So this event will be a way for everyone to celebrate the grandpa or rather strange dirty uncle of the music of we love today. Plan on a night where you hear music live that you wont hear live again until Ragbrai rides through town in 5 years. Plan on a night where local bands put aside their extreme political differences to share the stage an embarrass themselves so you can experience what the 90's were like. Plan on a night where cd's are alive and well, and ipods are things only the rich can own. Des Moines, Iowa will never be as weird as Portland or as heroin cool as Seattle, but for one evening we will pretend to be. Break out your plad shirts, red baseball hats, White t-shirts with sharpie drawings, backward jerseys, hyper color t-shirts and Birkenstocks and get stupid with us, 90's stupid. And if thats too hard for you, the Mews sells alcohol, which was invented in the 90's to help you with that very problem. It sure seemed to work for this guy...
Avid Baseball Fan Fred Durst.

I did it all for the nookie.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good Cause Benefit TIme

Another quick post, one of these days we'll get ol Hank and Bellwither back for a few.  Wanted to give a heads up we have a show at the Vaudeville Mews tonight to benefit Teddy Reid, a very young lad who is in the process of going through a Kindney Transplant.

Teddy Looks like he's ready for some muscial songs!

 Our good pals Love Songs For Lonely Monsters are headling preceeded by Charles, The revolutionary Electric Junction, Dark Horse Patrol and Typical Males. Show starts at 5 which is nice and early and is only 5 bucks so come support a child in need. BONUS there is a another show with more of an acoustic vibe going on at Java Joes which includes The Highcrest, our pal Ben "good guy greg" Wantland, Jim Enos, Aaron Winters and Joel and Jen Kinser. The 5 dollar cover at either the Mews or Java Joes Gets you into both so their pleanty of variety to go around.
Links about Teddy and the show :
Laura Nichols-KCCI
Vaudeville Mews
Joe Lawler-DSM Juice
Joe Lawler- Metro Mix
The Bigfoot Diaries
Charles Walton- The Examiner
Java Joes

Dream and ye shall awaken the gods and Lions to walk you to harken path of Majesty


Friday, May 24, 2013

We're going on tour....its one date.

Our tour Starts today! Our tour consiquently ends tomorrow at 1 am. We are headlining one date in Ames Iowa At DG's Tap house. Bring your fire spirit and well bring out magic cannons. Playing with The Savage Hacks and The Post Mortems. They both share the same zest for taco cake that we do so it should be a good one. Show starts at 9, cover 5 bones. More information found here.  
Check out this sweet teaser for hunger games two. President snow is a total dick.

 "I can wait to see how much better Katner has gotten at arrow bow" -H stephenson

Your all beautiful, except when you sleep..then your dangerous


Thursday, February 14, 2013

I love my Shoooooooooooooooooooow. Jaill!!!!!!

Did ya hear? Did ya hear? We have a show comming up? We do, its true. You probably didnt hear though hear because the ink is still wet as shit on this one.  But after literally months of negotiations with Frank's attorneys we have been cleared to play music live music again and freed of all charges. In honor of our near incarceration we are playing a show with Jaill on March 20th at Vaudeville Mews. Who is this Jaill?  Jaill is rad , thats who Jaill is!  See below then read the stuff below that.

This Reminds me of going to the beach in Des Moines.

To sweeten the sweet sauce a bit Land of Blood and Sunshine out of Marshalltown is in the mid spot on the bill, screw it, see below we'll go video crazy on this one.

Love those notes and olde guitars!

Then theres us, New Member Charles, frequently referred to as "Des Moines's premier opening act on 3 plus band bills at the Vaudeville Mews sometimes" we are the band that get you wondering what the hell you just saw so the other bands can poop your brains out. See below.

Christ, we really need some new videos.

So there it is we have an awesome show comming up so please come and watch us play them songs. Jaill, Land of Blood and Sunshine, New Member Charles 3/20/13 doors 9:30 at the Vaudeville Mews. 8 bones, buy tickets in advance here.

Weve been puffing the recording horns for a while now too and we are heading into the studio march 1st to fart a few out and get an ep pooped out. More on this show and the EP progress in the coming days.

Give that Valentine a kiss from us,


Monday, January 14, 2013

Vaudeville Mews 1/24/13 w Moritat and Strange Matter

Hello this Josh. I just wanted to write you to say your rents past due but that doesn't mean you cant live. So please risk eviction and come to our show. Please look at the poster below for details how.

(lots people have been talking about this for years)

We have a bunch of other exciting news. We re recording stuff, and going to play some shows.

Some say love is a river-