Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought we were gone, prepare for round 5 and the laziest post ever.

    J here fresh off a trip to Seattle and Portland on a research trip about hipsters and the effects of skinny Jeans on leg veins, the findings....not so good al. So here we are at round 5, whatever the hell that means, but we're here so we must deal with it. The Biggest news, Chris got his robot hand attached so we are back at full strength which means new Charles music fun. Saddly our bass fill in Chystl had to return to Chile for some studio sessions with a CHile band, but i would suspect he will return again here and there to give us strength, same as that bag o maggots Charles does from time to time. A big thank you to him for helping us provide some of the most entertaining Charles shows yet and showing us that our soul falcons can reach new depths.
Chystl Dounch
"The man who helped us find our inner Candle Box"

   Back to the good news, with chris back at full strength we are gonna drop some music on yall, we're in the process of recording a 4 track ep which will be available for download in august for nuttin (0 dollars), so when it drops listen to it damn it, you just might like it and have it be your Wedding song.

   2 shows comming up  as well one. (lazily pully from the link to your right) Tue, 8/21/12, Vaudeville Mews with Broncho, doors 9:30 show 10:00 5.00 bones, one more act comming soons,maybe. AND ANOTHER in the works "Tentative" Sun Sept 23rd, doors 5:00 pm at Vaudeville Mews with Oh No Oh My, $tbd, w another local act tdb "Tentative

  Cutting this short, on our way to our first full practice since chris hand decided to stop working....wooot wooot. Oh also we need names for our new ep give us some suggesstions....whoever you are.

Blood is thicker then Milk,


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