Saturday, June 30, 2012

Burning down the house (mildly)

Josh Here, Its early Saturday Morning, just waking up listening to the Funeral  by The Arcade Fires and feeling the slight sting of all those past night's Michelob mega light dry 62's and free basing water.  Last night we played to a near sold out house at the Fremont last (picture below). Chystal Dounch (pictured left sitting in a chair) joined us once again and helped add the flair of 10,000 maniacs to the fire of the Charles dragons. Thanks to the folks who came out and saw (once again) the greatest musical prowess ever displayed live. For those of you who didn't please don't take offense to this, but you missed out and your very very stupid. If Chris gets his other arm attacked by a bear or me and Dan get some vicious Tree Flu and die, you will never get a chance to experience the greatness we crapped on the stage last night and will feel empty for the rest of your very Sad Charlesless lives. Please get you tickets earlier for our next show, while it hasn't been booked, I was just informed by the Des Moines Ticket Authority it has already come close to selling out, so dont miss out again and risk that same sadness you still feel from not asking Julie Fargeson to junior prom, you goddamn baby.

Seriously, this was taken by security, there was like 3 hundo peeps behind this fote, seriously.

Fremont Bar
Des Moines, Iowa
With Chystil Dounch
2. Napoleon "Boner Party" Prison Rape
6.Chystil Mash-up "Butterfly" Crazy Town 2000 vs "Hurt" Johnny Cash 2002 via Nine Inch Nails 1994 in 2/8 speed with no capo.

9."Far Behind" Candle Box 1993

 That is all for now. 80/35 is next weekend, we're planning on head banging a lot, come say hi and get a sticker and a hug.

Trust No one,



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