Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought we were gone, prepare for round 5 and the laziest post ever.

    J here fresh off a trip to Seattle and Portland on a research trip about hipsters and the effects of skinny Jeans on leg veins, the findings....not so good al. So here we are at round 5, whatever the hell that means, but we're here so we must deal with it. The Biggest news, Chris got his robot hand attached so we are back at full strength which means new Charles music fun. Saddly our bass fill in Chystl had to return to Chile for some studio sessions with a CHile band, but i would suspect he will return again here and there to give us strength, same as that bag o maggots Charles does from time to time. A big thank you to him for helping us provide some of the most entertaining Charles shows yet and showing us that our soul falcons can reach new depths.
Chystl Dounch
"The man who helped us find our inner Candle Box"

   Back to the good news, with chris back at full strength we are gonna drop some music on yall, we're in the process of recording a 4 track ep which will be available for download in august for nuttin (0 dollars), so when it drops listen to it damn it, you just might like it and have it be your Wedding song.

   2 shows comming up  as well one. (lazily pully from the link to your right) Tue, 8/21/12, Vaudeville Mews with Broncho, doors 9:30 show 10:00 5.00 bones, one more act comming soons,maybe. AND ANOTHER in the works "Tentative" Sun Sept 23rd, doors 5:00 pm at Vaudeville Mews with Oh No Oh My, $tbd, w another local act tdb "Tentative

  Cutting this short, on our way to our first full practice since chris hand decided to stop working....wooot wooot. Oh also we need names for our new ep give us some suggesstions....whoever you are.

Blood is thicker then Milk,


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"The Room has Changed" Videoette by Epilepsy Stevens

Heres a little video our friend Epilepsy Stevens did for us for The Room has Changed, not bad for a 14 year old! It was Edited from footage we shot from the drive to our tour in Kansas City in 2010.

"Kansas City oh how i long to be in your deep rolling hill" -Jimmy Smits

Happy birthday to the United states,


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Burning down the house (mildly)

Josh Here, Its early Saturday Morning, just waking up listening to the Funeral  by The Arcade Fires and feeling the slight sting of all those past night's Michelob mega light dry 62's and free basing water.  Last night we played to a near sold out house at the Fremont last (picture below). Chystal Dounch (pictured left sitting in a chair) joined us once again and helped add the flair of 10,000 maniacs to the fire of the Charles dragons. Thanks to the folks who came out and saw (once again) the greatest musical prowess ever displayed live. For those of you who didn't please don't take offense to this, but you missed out and your very very stupid. If Chris gets his other arm attacked by a bear or me and Dan get some vicious Tree Flu and die, you will never get a chance to experience the greatness we crapped on the stage last night and will feel empty for the rest of your very Sad Charlesless lives. Please get you tickets earlier for our next show, while it hasn't been booked, I was just informed by the Des Moines Ticket Authority it has already come close to selling out, so dont miss out again and risk that same sadness you still feel from not asking Julie Fargeson to junior prom, you goddamn baby.

Seriously, this was taken by security, there was like 3 hundo peeps behind this fote, seriously.

Fremont Bar
Des Moines, Iowa
With Chystil Dounch
2. Napoleon "Boner Party" Prison Rape
6.Chystil Mash-up "Butterfly" Crazy Town 2000 vs "Hurt" Johnny Cash 2002 via Nine Inch Nails 1994 in 2/8 speed with no capo.

9."Far Behind" Candle Box 1993

 That is all for now. 80/35 is next weekend, we're planning on head banging a lot, come say hi and get a sticker and a hug.

Trust No one,



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flyer power

Flyer for fridays show! Thanks to Kyler V of the mews for the beautiful Art!


ys show! Thanks to Kyler V of the mews for the beautiful Art!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fremont Virgin Takeover.

We are playing a show friday 06/29/2012 at the fremont with Land Of Blood and Sunshine and  Nightmare Boyzzz. We play at 7:00. There is no cost to anyone who comes for cover charges. Chystil Dounch is joining us on bass guitar. Link We have 3 people comming on facebook so far so this looks to be one of our bigger shows. Also we have never played the fremont so i hope they have lots of room for all the rock music we are going to bring. Anyone see prometheis? I liked it but who am i to tell you if its goo go check it out. Really hope they make ghostbusters 3 soon.

Tell your mom hi ,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Terry Malts Tonight.

We Play Tonight with Terry Malts and Sudden and Subtle at Vaudeville mews door 9:30. Chris had his arm amputated and broke his other one so he will be playing the chex mix can, singing and live tweeting. Eric Moffitt will be filling in on 90's style alternative electric bass. Prepare for a short, embarrassing set!

This is my new favorite band.

Remember to feed your kids before you come.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome back Cooter! NMC Live 4/26/2012 Vaudeville Mews. No GDP

New Member charles? Do they still play? I heard the bass player had his arm amputated? Yes the answer is yes. After 4 months of banging our heads against the wall we are playing a musical concert. We have a dozen new songs, a baby, our bass player is missing an arm and new stupid cheap merch that wont sell. 2012 is the year of the hot dog.  Prepare to dig in.

April 26th 10pm At Vaudeville Mews With Terry Malts and Sudden and Subtle. New member charles will launch a 2 hour (actually 35 minute) long musical campaign that will make Clint the acting..and directing.. bar tender and snoopy alike cry tears of honey blossom joy. We will be pissing excitement all over Des Moines Iowa in the form of ghost rock. Dan the drummin drummer will return to the stage with a vigor that will rival the toughest nature animal. Jeff the dog will jump though hoops. Chris fresh of his arm amputation will struggle to play bass but will be wearing his new shoes which is sure to get the ladies just right.  And I will be honest and polite to the audience members about your Uncle Tim. Get your tickets now, tell your dad too, cause dads day is right around the corner and dads love strip clubs. Did we mention Terry Malts kicks ass...they do!

Things were going so good in that last paragraph.

Then theres Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Remember this whiney ass post. Pretty stupid and whiney huh? Well here it is again Al, this is our annual we didn't get into GDP post again. We heard the news late last Month. Dan called and said "Josh...are you setting down Pal?
I responded "Hey Dan, yep I'm cleaning my guitar for the new GDP concert."
"Aw cripes Josh, ya see sometimes things don't turn out the way we plan them. Remember that time you told me how you wanted to be a space traveler?" Dan said.
" Yes Dan, turns out I cannot be one due to my lip scar. Dan what are you getting at?" I Replied.
"We didn't get in josh, we didn't make GDP" Dan Said.
"Then all is lost Dan, Des Moines will not hear the one band to rule them all." Josh said, then hung up and made Macaroni and hotdogs. And watched the extended cut of Fellowship of the Ring.

This cheered me up some as did the Mac and chess with hotdogs.

 Looking back,maybe if Chris wouldn't have lost his goddamn arm we would have got in, we've been trying to get him to stop racing ford trucks for years but he doesn't listen. Rumor has it we were short on webclicks and fans too. I like to think of each of our songs as gross little products for open ears to spoon up, we'll see still holding out for bacon fest.  Good news on the GDP front , our close pals Love Songs For Lonely Monsters did get in, so while there will be no Charles on stage there will be Charles in the crowd watching them and showering them with frankfurters. Oh and Tires will be there too, they are super good as well so we will shower them with frankfurters too. You should do the same... and give us more webclicks too so we can get into one of these festiver shows.

To Recap.
Dan has a baby named Thurston.
New Member Charles is still a band.
Chris has his arm amputated.
April 26th 10pm New Member Charles At Vaudeville Mews With Terry Malts and Sudden and Subtle
Josh cant go to space because his lip scar
We didn't have enough web clicks to get into Gross Domestic Product
Sasquatch Beef sticks taste like shitty cat food.

May Our Children Forgive Us -Bill Poleman "Independent Day"


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jokey Video

Hey Ghosties, NMC has been in full writing mode the past month or two and are working on getting a string of videos out for our last ep "Lets Invent the Smell-o-Phone". Heres the first of hopefully 3 or 4. Without further adieu feast youreyes on Jokey Smurf video....we just blew some kids mind in south america....again!

Tell you aunt hi!


Thursday, January 5, 2012



A few fans have been writing in, asking questions like: "Ayyo, New Member Charles, my favorite band with a GHOST for a keyboard player, why the radio silence?"

Well, lemme tell ya, it's because we've been hard at work with writing new songs!

hard at work with writing new songs!

What songs you ask?? Take a gander at these future gems!!

- Wonderwall
- B**** Party
- Julie South Johnson
- RubensPaul

PLUS,we have a NEW song that we've been working on. But I don't remember it's name. Dan named it. It's like Tuna (something) or Taco (something). I don't remember. But it exists!! Trust me.

So like when can we hear these new mastepieces??

I don't know yet. But be sure to stay tuned and we'll let you know!!


TUNA SALUTE!! The new song is called Tuna Salute.

See you next time, Ghosties!