Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Attack My Last Boy Scout Troop Brian, it Halloween.

Happy National Boys Couts month Ghosties, oh its also our favorite month too Cause halloweens is coming in soon. We have some SHows coming up and wanted to tell you to come watch us show off our chords and notes.

Do you love Delawares, Rainbows and coloring books, Pookey Bleum does, This fri fri we open the late show at the mews headlined by the old school bi fier's and with Wolves in the Attic and Nuclear Rodeo. Show doors are at 9:30 5 bones charles rolls at 1000, there's rumors swirling that Eric Meffet is dressing like an Estimo bear, that'll show em!

Brian, happy 21 bro.

Love Songs for Lonely Monsters  :  New Member Charles  :  Fetal pig
Brian, looking at a dog.
Wait ...who is brian. He plays drums duh. and He is a championship dog judger, a skill he leered while studying with the webos in the Boy Scouts of iowa. He likes running sheep in his free times and chooses not to vote very often. ENough said! COme wish him a happy 21 and bring a present.
OH AND THEN THERES THIS. its a old school halloween goulash jam, sat 10/29 to benefit the dsm social club and best place ever. Costume suits are a must and we recommend you dress like a ghost cat. Charles will be hashing out there set early, around 530ish so get their early, throw down some coin and get your dead leg on.

Thats all for now if you want to setup an interview with our drummer dan let us know and we will get in contact with you. He's a ww3 vet too, but he docent know that yet.

I hope your pets love you all,

Hank Stephenson

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