Monday, September 26, 2011

Show Boatin' With Hank Stephenson: THE RETURN!!

BALLS and HOLY BALLS, you guys!!

I just got word from good friend and good friend of the blog -- HANK STEPHENSON -- that he is back in town in the old Des Moines, Iowa!!

Now you remember HANK, don't 'cha fellow residents of New Charlesburg?? Well, to refresh your memory, HANK lent his award winning hand at open mics to us trulys a few months back when we ran into an awesome Sopen Mic with our other good friends The Big Tuxedos. HANK, being plastered on plutonium-laced 4Loko, gave a stirring wrap-up of the night's activities, and HANK being the magician that he is, scribbled everthing on papyrus and left it for J to transcribe on our fair blog.

Well, folks, it weems that HANK has gotten his own CPUter and now has a blog of his own!! And what a treat it is!! Here's just some of the things you can see over at ""

- The original NMC Sopen Mic post!!
- A detailed History of Music!!
- HANK'S favorite guitars (of all time!!)!!
- A reveiw of a show last month by the WORLD FAMOUS MANTIS PINCERS BAND!!
- Some handy recipies for the coming winter months!!
- A lank to ChuckeeCheese!! (been lookin' everywhere for that)!!

So go support a good golden buddy like HANK, and if ya can chance it.
Show Boatin' ROCKS!!

Bellwether Johnson