Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dan Likes Shark Week

*pssht* man. You don't even know. You see all the ads now, and all of the twitterers talking and gapping their big flapp gums talkin'bout "Oh, damn, man it's SHARK WEEK now, so let's talk about how much we like learning about SHARKS on the Discovery TV Channel *muuuweeeeh* look at me I'm so special; and SHARKS." Text Color

Please. I've been watching SHARK WEEK since I was a kid man. You don't have any idea.

- I still have my 3D glasses from that episode back in two-thousand (2000) when they had the 3D extinct giant SHARK all like in your grill.

- I was there in two-thousand-five (2005) when the American Chopper guys were all like, "Let's learn about SHARKS and motorcycles together, JABRONI"

Let's learn about SHARKS and motorcycles together, JABRONI

- I remember the MythBusters JAWS special when MythBuster Carrie was impregnated by a SHARK