Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiger Woods Is Thinking What You're Thinking, Because He's Also Thinking What We're Thinking, Which Is "Hot Dogs!!"

(And Also, Hope Solo)

Up there in the title of this here post is what I like to call the Tiger Woods Corolary To The Transverse Property Of Hotdogs or The Transverse Property Of Hot Dogs (Tiger Woods Corolary)

I know what you're saying, you're saying, "Bellwether, as if there's a time when I'm NOT thinking of Hot Dogs!!," right?? Well, now all of that thinking of Hot Dogs is gonna pay off, because I'm proud to announce that yesterday, we got our first shipment of Let's Invent The Smell-O-Phone!! And you'd better believe that that baby is chalk full of Hot Dog action!! I mean, it'... ...


Dan has just procured for use for our EP RELEASE SHOW AKA CD RELEASE SHOW, the ÜBER™ HOTDOG STEAMER!!

ÜBER™ was the foremost maker of Hot Dog steamers in the 60's and 70's until the horrible summer of '75 when Son of Sam killed his neighbor's talking dog with one. (and that was some dog) ÜBER™ Hot Dog steamers were immediately taken off the market and only a few units were saved. Dan's mother-in-law risked life and limb hiding one in her attic to this day. Fortunately, Representative Madge Whilburz of the Great State of Delaware was able to push thru some legislation earlier this year revoking the ban on ÜBER™ Steamers, and we got one!!

Crude representation of how to use an ÜBER™ Steamer

SO, come one, come all to the EP RELEASE SHOW AKA CD RELEASE SHOW. We'll have fabolous raffles, Chrales Tunes all night, a new CD/EP to release, and all the Hot Dogs you can eat!! Just leave your talking dog at home.

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