Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Howdy from Charles-Burg!!

Prepare to set your phasers to Balls and Holy Balls, because...we have the date to our fabulouse CD RELEASE SHOW!! Now, I know it's a little trite this day in age -- what, with all the iPhods and XP3's and all hell you all probably downloaded Let's Invent The Smell-O-Phone directly into your gray matter or something already -- but we're doing it, so you'd better be there.

Plus, all the dude-ical artwork and hot dogs involved with the physical copy really ups the bitchin' level to like a thousand and five. In fact, you're guaranteed to be the coolest person in your family simply by having the CD version of Let's Invent The Smell-O-Phone on your person. And if your step-brother has one too, well fuck that dude. He always creeped me out anyways. But he should still totally come to the show, though.

Justin Bieber Popped Duster Collar Pizza Party, FTMFW

So Dude, the CD Release show is being held at CARL'S PLACE in Sherman Hill, the coolest bar in all of the corner of 16th and Woodland Ave in Sherman Hill (Des Moines, IA; totes).

And WHEN??

JULY 1st, POSER. I told you: BALLS and HOLY BALLS, right?? Not only is this a holiday weekend, consider it a PRE SHOW for the totally dude-ical 80/35 MUSIC FESTIVAL kicking off the next day only blocks away.

Show's at 8:00. Go tell your mother you're cool now.

Bellwether Johnson

Just got the show up on Quarter After 5 found here
Facebookers can view the event here
also their have been rumors circulating about free hot dogs, more info as soon as its available.

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