Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Charles In Transit

Hey Charlistians, J here with a few quick words. The 3 of us have been busy bee's Chris and I have been in and out of town and busy signing checks and drinking fancy wine bottles full of wine all while balancing bats on our chin , Dan Has been practicing his fishing with hopes to quit the band and join the Pro Fish Circuit (PFC), we are keeping our finger crossed that he don't catch shit. in other words unlike last year we still got a drummer and we have been busy, but good news we are all refreshed and ready for a summer packed full of Musical Concerts and warm weather. In the next few weeks we'll be cleaning up the site and having a run of demo's, stickers and shirts pressed up so you can rep ghostie gear and music at bottom line prices after our music shows. So as we get the machine running again stop by a show and check us out and say hi, we will give you a moderate 5 and say back and maybe even something else, looking for to the heat and a ton o shows around Iowa and the midwest keep an eye out, we got a few springs shows lined up, see below or check out the links on the left for more details.

-This Saturday 4/16 we're opening the late show at the Mews in Des Moines with Slip Silo and Daphne Willis ...i wonder what she was saying right before this photo was taken?
-Sat 4/22 in Sioux City At Reds Pub
-5/14 at AK O'Connors in Beaverdale with the Big Tuxedos.

Above a Photo from the April 7th Music in Transit show Charles rocked last week, we had 13 folks/friends/musicians banging drums and playing instruments for the last few songs, thanks to all who were a part of it we had a lot of funs.

Remember your uncles,


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