Monday, February 14, 2011

GDP, Tour Dates, Cleopatra

Greetings Yall, Josh here for the first time in a long time with a Charles update, first off big props to Bellweather J for taking the reins during my silence, more on this cat later first lets talk some band happenings. Regrettably i have sad news to start this jubilant post, our recent submission to Gross Domestic Product, which you may remember us talking about here, was sadly shot down in flames, big sad flames. Its not a big surprise for us as over 70 bands sent submissions and 10-15 get in but being told your not up to par sucks regardless especially when its something you put a ton of time and effort into, it'll be good motivation for us in the future to show that we belong on any stage, for instance Bacon Fest, maybe they will come calling , how bad could that be, if we have a bad show we get showered in bacon, that's like every good dream Ive had, maybe we should have just applied for that to begin with, never the less we will survive, side note: if anyone knows who's booking bacon fest email us the info at the contact tab above. Moving on...

Shows, we actually have some shows coming up, did ya hear did, did ya hear. This is not a lie true believer,

Saturday Feb 19th we kick things off at A K O'Connors in Beaverdale opening the night for the Big Tuxedos, we're sharing the bill and this one is all about fun, enjoy hoppy pints and listen to charles bust out a few new covers and watch Dan Juggle, if dan doesnt juggle everyone gets their money back guaranteed , 9 bells no cover, also we just got a bunch o shirts pressed for the occasion as well so come grab some charles apparel.

March 4th we have our 3rd appearance at Vaudeville Mews and our first time playing with our practice space roomies Love Songs for Lonely Monsters. This is going to be an awesome show but pegs us as the only band not sporting a lady in the lineup, i dont know exactly what the hell this means for us, but its true... so there...? Love songs and The Charles are playing in support of Toronto based Hunter Valentine and Vanity Theft from Ohio, who are currently touring together and melting stuff with their music, what are they melting maybe hearts maybe faces maybe everything which is kinda scary cause some stuff just dosent melt. Wear your party hats. 7 bones doors at 9:30

Thurs April 7th -Music in Transit-Vaudeville Mews, We're not playing a full set but everyone in the band will be in action at some point with the 3 of us playing a NMC tune or 2 as well with some guests. This is the second of these gigs put our by our friend Brian Waller and I, it should be a nice evening with 10 or so of our friends joining in throughout the night here and there for a mish mash of origional music a few old favorites. Doors 6:30 5 bones.

Friday April 22nd- Red Piece Street Pub- Sioux City- We head to northwest Iowa to play a Missouri river ho down with Sioux Citys own the Coalminers. Hoping to get a lot of heads out for this one and pack the place with a night of solid Acoustic Music and a loud Charles kick in the elbow. Time TBD no cover.

More on Cleopatra Merch and other fun to come, dan just got her and we're going to beat up gradeschoolers so i gotta go.

Magic is there when batterys are not,


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