Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shelves!! And, also, Hi GDP!!

A quick salutation to the members of the Des Moines Gross Domestic Product (GDP)/Indie-Rock-Special-Iowa-Bands-Playing-Rock-Music-Jamboroo-Festival for stopping by the blog today!!

You see, GDP is the "premier local showcase for Iowa bands." I told this to Dan, and he said, "duh...that's why we're applying to play there."

This is what I asked myself first: what would a premier showcase of Iowa music talent be without the most awesome ruckingist-fuckingist band featuring a fourth member that is also an undead spectre??

This is what I asked myself second: why would said band even need to apply, since they obviously wouldn't have a festival at all since all of the world-wide New Member Charles fans would instantaneously boycot the festival - therefore crashing the world economy - without New Member Charles' inclusion in said festival??

But, I guess in the interests of fairness, the proveyors of GDP insist that an official submission be made. Josh wanted me to write one up last night, but the rheumatoid arthritis in my carpal tunnels acted up, and I was unable to type or take my cat Muffles the Cat out for a walk (and let me tell you, I have the scratches and the cat dung to prove it!!)

So the guys went ahead and made their submission. And in the submission, they left a link to my fan blog!! Fortunately, I was able to rub enough orange peel on my joints this morning to type this salutation.

So, if the Executive Board of GDP Makers and the entire Selection Oversight Committee in Charge of Competition and Selection are able to walk or even still have a face after listening to New Member Charles for the first time (unlikely):

Hi, How Are You?

Well, all this excitement has left the third-knuckle on my left ring-finger the size of my knee after I tried to play raquetball last week and tripped over my showlace after my first serve...that's right!! Raquetball!! New Years Resolutions!!

And I didn't even get to tell you about the shelves that the guys made for the new rehearsal space last night!! Well, we'll leave that for another time. Right now I've got to go get some more orange-peel and then try to find Muffles the Cat. I think he's in the dryer again. Also, I'm probably gonna have to clean some cat dung out of the dryer.


Bellwether Johnson

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