Monday, January 10, 2011

New Rehearsal Room

Hidey-ho to y'all out there in Charles-Land!! Along with Charles-Land salutations today comes Charles-Land news!!

Last week, the guys let me know that they were moving to a new rehearsal spot. "Fear not," they told me, "we're just going down the hall, and assure you that any 'Ruck the Fuck' mojo is a product not of the room vibeage in-and-of-itself, but is more due to the near limitless supply of musical and philosophical talent that we as New Member Charles posess."

"Correct!!," I let them know!!

Turns out that the new spot is right accross the hall from the old spot, and the reason for the move was two-fold.

1.) Why the fuck not
2.) Lack of insulation left the old room cold as piss

So, the guys asked me to come out and help them move equippo and then sound-proof the new room. I fear I wasn't much help, as my portly frame precluded my entrance into the new room without the use of a crowbar, and the dust gussied up by the equippo move aggrivated my prior-to dormant case of Lung Gingivitis (one of the more uncomfortable strands of Gingivitis)

Well, needless to say, the move went great and also it went witout a hitch. I hope the guys didn't mind me being there . In fact, when it came down to it, they were glad they had me around, as they were able to test the sound-proofing by putting me in the center of the room and locking the door while I wheezed uncontrolably. I guess all that sound-proofing work worked, becuase it was so quiet outside they forgot that I was even in there. Didn't matter to me though as the complex's vending maching is right next to the room, and I had enough quarters to buy the machine out of Famous Amos cookies prior to lockdown.

To my relief, Chris and Dan came back the next day to measure the room for some storage shelving which they will put together tomorrow with my help!! I just hope the sawing of shelf units goes better than the last time I tried to use a saw when I was least that's what my mom says. I to this day contend that Muffles the Cat enjoyed the rest of his life without a tail. Gave him personality, ya know??


Bellwether Johnson

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