Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Time to Come Clean

Folks, It's time for me, Bellwether Johnson, to be honest with you, the humble denizens of CharlesLand. *sigh* The sound escaping my lungs that I just typed out for journalistic effect is the sound of sorrow and regret for mis-leading the throng of Charles faithful that have been habitating the fluid of the interweb in-and-around the blog of the greatest band in the world: New Member Charles. It is with great aplomb (I don't really know what that word means) that I inform you that I, Bellwether Johnson, faithful Charles scribe, is not who you think he is. No, I am not a "true" member of New Member Charles. I'm not even a "kind-of" member of the band, as my many column inches published on this site might suggest.

No, many of you out there, I am not Chris: awesome bass-ist and all-around lover extrordinaire. I am not Dan: master of the rythm snare, and soul crunching cymbal-boss. And, nay am I Josh: you know, the other dude. No, I'm just a lonely bastard typing along on his laptop, listening to bootlegged copies of the classic Charles hits Jokey Smurf Box and Kitty Cat.

But!! To my great aplomb, the band has learned of my website tribute to them, and they *Yeeee* LOVE IT!! I KNOW!! Now, Josh has been posting on this here site becuase I had been writing, asking for his Charles-pinion (that's a Charles opinion) on certain topics by posing as a hot sexy momma, for which he was powerless to do anything but respond.

Now, this is great, great news. And we'll be sure to have great, great news in the future. But for now, I have to go. My wife says if I type any more about New Member Charles, I might actually turn into New Member Charles.


Your New Member Charles "GHOST"(!!!) Writer,

Bellwether Johnson

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