Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Charles update: Cement Forest

Dan: Is that a tree?
Josh: Yup.

Hey everybody, we've got news, boy have we got news, big news, what news you ask? Well how about the fact that New Member Charles just took a field trip to the worlds only cement grounded forest. Does that get you intrigued? I would hope so. If you notice Dan and I are standing on pure concrete, any scientist knows that stuff cant grow from concrete, well scientists are stupid cause Im pretty sure that theirs trees growing out of this concrete. Don't believe me look at the picture dumbass cause the proof is in the pudding...the concrete pudding. Chris was standing behind the camera and he kept saying "guys are those trees coming from that concrete?" The above picture will be like the divinci code for science makers everywhere allowing us to know that stuff is complex all the time everyplace, for instance trees, they can grow from concrete all the time everyplace and this picture is proof. Other updates in the works regarding recording and shows, but this was too important of a discovery so we'll let you come down off this buzz first. Concrete, trees.

Always bless your children,