Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello friends!! Well, you all missed a helluva night last night in Charles-burg-ville. So, we were all in the rehearsal space, rucking the fuck out of the dust mites and spiders that generally hang out in the rehearsal space when we ran across a good friend and rehersal space building compadre who informed us that he was starting an OPEN MIC NIGHT in the upstairs portion of the rehearsal space building!! Well, excited as I was about that, I immediately extended the music antenna attached to my brain and started channeling the awesome alien-music-ness and turning it into into awesome human-music-ness via a kick-ass and new BASS LINE.

Well, as usually happenes in a Charles-sesh, J kicked in with a blusey B major5thflat71/2th chord structure on top of said BASS LINE while Dan ran around the drumset like a chicken with his head cut off (he did this like, spiritually, not literally, yo) and laid down the awesome beat. We called this cool breeze of a jam PIZZA PARTY, and proceeded to take it upstairs to the open mic and totally rucked the fuck outta some bitches!!


So not only did we debut the new jam (which is still currently a work in progress though, dude), but we ran thru our full stable of Charles Classics that are always guaranteed to raise a smile. Mad props also go to our firends in The Big Tuxedos who traveled accross the great Des Moines River to share in our open mic-ness and play a set after us. Wicked. And also to Amy Badger for rucking some solo KAREN O up on stage after that. Amy is the new lead singer in my other, Charles-less project called Love Songs for Lonley Monsters which (quick plug, yo) play on Thursday October 28 at Vaudeville Mews with JOAN OF ARC. Double Wicked.

As soon as we figure out who the hell the guy who threw the open mic was (we still don't know), we'll try to get the pictures he was taking up on the site. As for J, I'm sure he'll be along shortly to give a slightly different, yet entirely more amusing take of what we will from now on call our WEEKLY ANNUAL PIZZA PARTY OPEN MIC, BITCHES.

Whiskey bottle pulls for all!!


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