Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Member Charles...Now Headliners!

Ehoy Rabid Charles fans, I write you with big big news. From the onset of our bandness Dan Chris and I have been following a 6 year plan to global dominance, after which we hope to have our song Jokey Smurf Box be the new Global Anthem and The Spotted Ghost be the new world government mascot. It appears this is going to happen sooner then expected now.
We played our 4th show last night at Des Moines's's's own Vaudeville Mews and after playing to a near packed house we we're told that the show was over, meaning we were the only band to play on the bill for the late show.. meaning.... more dots.... a few more dots.... we just headlined!
The details of why we were the only band to play are unimportant at this juncture what is important is the we now know we have to ability to headline and carry a whole show on our own, as long as that show is only supposed to be 35 minutes long and earn a raging 11 dollars. We hadnt planned on reaching this milestone until August of 2012 which means you'll prolly be seeing lunch boxes and teenbeat magazines with our faces on em with in the comming days.
Being that we were the suprise headliner our label's graphic designer Limmith Temon didnt get a poster out or run a promotional campaign, which is understandable, no hard feelings Limmith. That doesnt mean we're not going to though, so without further charpeting I'm proud to unvail our 1st poster as a headlining band and encourage you all to come to our show last night October 9th 2010 at the Vaude.
We have also decied to call this a World Tour as we need to cross that off our bucket list as well
All in all it was a good show and we hope you enjoy it, it saw the 1st incarnation of our new Song Jokey Smurf Box and was the first show that Charles failed to make it on stage for, due to an apparent Yoohoo overdose, he is now in stable condition and we are told he is going to be fine for a guy that is already dead. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO COME TO THE SHOW AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EARLY AS SPACE WILL BE LIMITED.
Stay tuned for further dates and info on our new Demo that will hopefully be in the works in the next month or 2.
We are all candy

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