Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are you alive charles...no he's a ghost...idiot!

Hey yalllll Josh here, it has been a spell since we have posted, but we have been really really busy...not really though, just lazy. After our 1st 3 shows and a few months of rehersals, so we didnt look like fools for said shows ( we did) we are happily back in the writing phase trying to get some new tunes to Juicify our set so we can start playing a bit longer. Last week we finally got a new one in the books, its currently called Dragon Slayer but that name is tentative and was just put on here so i could link it to one of the greatest movies ever made, so look for the name to change and hopfully we will have a demo up sooner than later. Also look for a demo of Haunted by Waters comming as well as soon as we get it laid down on high definition lazer zape, a new technology invented by Zeus, the greek god

"Bracelet courtesy of Jared"

In other Charles related news, Last friday (9/10 )I had the pleasure of checking out Chris's other musical Troop "Love Songs For Lonely Monsters" at a show in Ames, IA at a DG's tap house, there have 1,208 beers on tap there. Love Songs is the long time brain child of our pal Nick Parks, and they also share a practice space with the NMC so we share a bond similar to roomates in college who live in different places and dont share dish doing duty. They've only been around a short spell but are worth checking out if ya have the chance to catch em, there have some great songs that are complex and sound deeply layered despite the band being a 4 piece. All in all they bring a nice balance of harder indyish stuff transitioned with occasional notes of quarky guitar driven pop, hopefully we'll get a chance to play on the same bill with em in the near future. I also saw Keepers of the Carpet later on in the evening, I have heard whispers that this band has been around for 30+ years and used to tour with the Cars back in the 80's, none of which have been confirmed. Reguardless it was really kool to see em live for the first time after only hearing them through digital devices, pure poppy blissful fun, and they even broke out an old nirvana tune which made the girls take there tops off.

Love Songs, Chris is the one with the hat.

Lastly we (band with the ghost) have a show comming up and you should come! This is the big 4th show for us and we will be pulling out all the stops, were bringing instruments, a ghost and new and exciting outfits which will inevetably start new trends of fashion fun. Yes i know it sounds like a normal charles show, but its not cause charles is going to sit in and play a song for this one. Any way this will be our second adventure at the always enjoyable Vaudeville mews in downtown Des Moines and are looking forward to getting back on stage after a month of sitting in our roach infested practice space playing air guitar with tennis racquettes (spelling...aww screw it ). The show is Saturday October 9th doors at 930, Charles is playing promptly at 10:00 pm for 35 mins or so followed by Remma and closeing is Drew Andrews & The Spectral Cities cover is 8 bones. It should be an interesting musical mishmash of sonic fun for kids ages 21 and older or those with misfit , more to come on the show in the following weeks and days.


Love and Magic


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