Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post Show Mews'ings

J here, first and formost we need to appologize to anyone who may have taken our Brandon Wegher story to heart as it now appears he may not have been abducted by aliens this according to the brilliant folks at Black Heart Gold Pants see article here. This means 2 things, the first ; we're not much of a sports blog, which is great news, cause we're a band and we're supposed to spend all our time punching meat and yelling at old dogs, and the second; the pizza's we were going to donate to the Wegher relief fund will now go to feed 3 hungover band members so we got some pie out of our idacy. NOTE: In the event it does still end up being an alien abduction we still stand bravely by our story and source. ONWARD!


Oh we also played a show this past Friday at Vaudeville Mews, the first in our homebase of Des Moines and we only mildly frighetened the crowd this time around in our greaser uniforms. We had a great turn out for the show and the sound was on point not to mention a prize winning Charles. Charles this time opted to sit out of playing any music and instead handed out Tobbasco flavored slim Jims to our rabid fan base in the crowd and danced a Jig to a cover of "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies, which was our closer. All in all was really really fun and hopfully the Mews has us back sooner than later for another evening of Ghost related fun. Oh wait picutres you ask ?? Yes we have them. How many? We actually shot 8 rolls, yes seriously 8, but all but 1 were lost in the fire, you know ...the fire. But good news we still got a whole roll of shots. Wait whats that? Oh, only one picture turned out on that roll, so correction we have "a" picture. This is Chris and shan....errr Charles in the green room before the show discussing the best way to disperse the Jims, notice the detail of clothing on both.

"Ok when we give the thumbs up, start killing baby kittens"
disclaimer: Very few kittens we're actually injured
Finally we have a show next Fri at 3 pm at The world famous Iowa State fair Budweiser Tent, just a heads up keep an eye out this week for" Tour Guide: Iowa State Fair edition" and more updates on that show.

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