Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hump Day Moustache: Now Moustache Free!!

Howdy-doo!! Well, what an exciting week in Charles-stan. We had our awesome face-splitting RAWK show last Friday out at the Vaudeville Mews, and passed out many many mini-Slim-Jims of love. (And by 'mini-Slim-Jims of love' I mean songs of wonderment and funn and awesomeness. And also actual mini-Slim-Jims. Of love.)

On top of that, it was a record week at the blog!! By our calculations, we got between 87 and 225,000 hits last week!! Probably due to the "Brandon Whizzer got kidnapped by ET" story leading the google-pack when using the google to search for "The Iowa running back getting kidnapped by ET." See, we try to be topical here, so in an effort to try to fenagle another quarter-billion hit week: BARACK OBAMA MOSQUE COLUMBIAN JET BRETT FAVRE VAGINA

...that should do it...

Also of note:

We're getting all super-duper-ly pumped for our show at the Iowa State Fair (I Know!!) this Friday at 3pm in the Budweiser Tent. We're really planning on ramping up the action for this bit and rucking the fuck outta some bitches seems like not just some sort of veiled promise, but an actual possibility...nee, a certainty!!

Josh will be along shortly this week with your tour guide so that you won't be all like, "dude, what the fuck is this place?? I came to see New Member Charles!! I totally wasn't expecting this much horse dung!!" Fear not, J will be taking you on your own little virtual tour to get you all prepared for the cavalcade of dung-edness that is the Iowa State Fair.

Now, since it's Wednesday, here's a picture of some funny people doing something stupid:


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