Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome back Dan, and new demo up.

J here with big big news! Its has been a few months since Dan announced his retirement from New Member Charles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional fishing man. As his friends and bandmates we fully supported his decision to follow his dream and we let him continue to work with us as our session drummer with the stipulation that all his earnings that would have gone to him would go to Charles. Charles Chris and I continued to write tirelessly and Dan went on week long tours on the fishing man circut after which we would fill him in on the music. It was all going well until we began to see a change in Dan. No loger was he his old chipper self, he would come to our Monthly rehearsal angry, tired and with only one drum stick, he was also losing weight at an abnormal rate reaching a staggering 46 pounds at one point. We later found out that Dan was not as successful on the fishing man tour as he had led on and was living out of the back of his 1975 monte carlo. He had pawned one of his drum sticks to buy bait and hadn't caught a descent fish in weeks spurning him to pull casting tricks for change to buy gas to get him to the next fishing man competition. Last week Joey Fatone chairman of the Fishing man association dismissed Dan due to his third last place finish in 2 weeks ( picture from final weight in below).

Despite the fact that all other competitors had boats dan still managed to catch a fish, but is still a failure.

Dan came back to Iowa the next night and we all decided it was time and with that on behalf of Charles and Chris I, I would like to publicly welcome Dan back as an official member of New Member Charles, but on reduced pay (minimum wage) until we are certain his bait addiction has been handled. All of us couldn't be happier and we are accepting donations to get Dan a new drum stick, as we spent the 5 grand we made in KC on BBQ and Sweet Tea liquor.

Also in other news we posted a bare bones demo demon version of a new song called "The Room Has Changed" on our Myspace page. Check it out and let us know what ya think if ya get's a sec. We should have new cleaner demo versions of most our songs by our aug 13th show at the Mews so stay tuned and also keep your eyes peeled this week for the live video of our song "Paris" taken from our multi cam practice a few weeks ago.

Praise Be to Charles,


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