Friday, July 2, 2010

Reset Expectaiotns to "Balls"; "Holy Balls"

Wow!! Saw a preview of the webcast show from J last night, and as you can probably decipher from the headline, it was much more Super Dude-ical than even we expected. The sound problems seem to have been a function of buying headphone monitors from the good people at Fisher Pirce instead of the music sounding like crap outright. Once played thru a proper sound-source, the real New Member Charles comes out and we "Ruck the Fuck" outta some bitches.

Josh still has some editing to do, though:

"I still have to transmorgify webcam 2 and then synch up the lean'ender board with the silk scrim. Then, it's just a simple matter of linking the draft-match to my HLBXT hard drive. Easy as pie!!"

Dude, I'm telling you, you can totally see bush!!

You see, Josh went to film school, so I completely trust every word he says. And I totally don't think he was trying to fuck with me while I was just nodding at everything he said in an attempt to make him thinkg that I knew what the fuck he was talking about...not at all. (Those lean'ender boards can be tricky, after all.)

Except for the part where he says, "easy as pie!!" I mean, what makes pie so easy??

Who the fuck says that??


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