Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hump Day Moustache: 07/28/2010

Hi!! I'm back from vacation everybody, and feel rested and refreshed!! And also very rested!!

So where did I go to get all rested and rested?? Branson, Mizzouri!! (they spell everything with z's there)

This Majestic View is still better than the movie "The Majestic"

Branson, known as the City of the Golden Z's was founded by Alfred Molina in 1982. But I'm not here to talk about Branson. That's Josh's job the next time we play at the Pierce Arrow Theatre. Nope, I need to get caught back up on the goings on of the world wide world while I was Ozark Mountain Daredevil-ing for the past week. So what happened while I was away??

- BP still sucks. Did you know that??
- The Kansas City Royals: Awesome at sucking at baseball
- Mike Tyson bit a man's ear off. That was bad.
- A bunch of people who know a bunch of stuff about numbers did a bunch of things to a bunch of numbers on Wall Street.
- Oh, and this guy's moustache said this:

The only thing that I love more than Forced Nationalization of Industry is: HITLER!!

OK, so I know Oliver Stone wasn't really saying that Hitler was good or anything. He was simply trying to explain that the forces behind his coming into power are largely unknown, and that exposing those causes would be an important lesson in history. Yeah, so why is it that we don't know as much as we do.

Waitwhat?? Oh...The Jews?? Shit...

Oh, well. So what do we know now about Oliver Stone:

- Thinks the Jews who control the media have over-exaggerated the scope of the Holocaust
- Thinks the Jews who control the media have hidden the true vehicles to Hitler's rise to power
- Thinks being a commie nutbag is a good thing
- Thinks Charlie Sheen is a good enough actor to base a Vietnam War epic around
- Thinks Tom Cruise is a good enough actor to base a Vietnam War Epic around
- Probably listens to JoviHitler.

What a fucker.

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