Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hump Day Houstache: 07/15/2010

So, super duper show on Saturday folks!! Josh made his thoughts clear on Monday (supersweet gong in pic #2), and I just want to piggy-back on him by saying that doin' it live was the bestest decision ever, and we Ruck the Fuck outta some bitches.

Here, for my weekly duty, I have selected our very own (DAN!!) as the recipient of the very prostegious honor of the Hump Day Moustache (for the second time!!).

OK, so this pic was already featured on Josh's Monday post, but this will be different becuse I present it in the form of a scene from my yet to be written three act suspense thriller. The full project still doesn't have a title, but I have named this particular scene "The Poop of Chili Town." Does best when you imagine it with ominous violins and such:

ME [knocking on door]: DAN!! What the eff, man. We gotta go?!?!

Dan: Just hang on a sec, man.

Me: C'mon, man...we gotta get on the road. The Queen is totally waiting for us to Ruck the Fuck outta Wembly Stadium!!

Dan: Just one more minute.

[door bursts open]

Me: Still Nuthin'??

Dan: Still Nuthin'

Me: Jesus, man. Eat some prunes.


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