Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Will Be the (Credit Score) Icons of Our Generation

Guys!! We're so gonna be famous!!

We all know there are three different kinds of fame:

1.) Sleeping with Madonna Fame

2.) Getting Punched in the Cock by Danny Bonaduce Fame

and, the most important, exciting kind of fame there is:


Pirate Hats!! Or Something!!

You remember those guys who are on the TV all the time for, singing some annoying song that you can't really remember, but just now got out of your stupid head?? That could totally be us!!

That website is doing a nation-wide search for the next band to annoy the crap outta you. Our qualifications are, I think, quite obvious. First off, we are a band. One of the very best in the entirity of Central Iowa, in fact. No. 2: we don't just know credit, we are virtually experts. In fact, just this past weekend, Charles was in the netherworld playing ghost-cards with Dennis Hopper and Abraham Lincoln. (Little known fact: Abraham Lincoln...degenerate gambler)

A gut-shot straight draw divided against itself cannot stand

Well, one thing led to another, and Charles ended up with ole' Hopper's Visa Platinum card. WOO HOO!! If that doesn't qualify us to sing on the teevee about the importance of credit, I dont' know what does. PLUS: we can use Hopper's card to buy new Shamwows!! THAT'S RESPONSIBLE LENDING.

So, when we write our masterpiece, we'll be sending all of you NMC fans E-Mails to go online and vote the crap outta us, which will be just about as annoying as hearing songs during commercials for Ace of Cakes.

Just do your part because I don't think any of us will want to sleep with Madonna.

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  1. Id prolly sleep with madonna but thats irrevelent. We should be a favorite to win due to our fan to fan vote ratio, popular bands...say for instance Jovi, have millions of fans of which only a percentage will vote say 6,848,612 or in imperical number 87.6% or in FTFVR .876 , we only have 1 fan, Mordeci, the falcon from Royal Tennenbaums, and he will undoubtedly vote, giving us a 100% vote and perfect 1.0 fan to fan vote ratio which means that based on our FTFVR credit score we will win reguardless of who we face in competiton. J