Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day Moustache: World Cupdate Edition


I know you all are just like us over here at NMC, just getting over the jingoistic hangover of The US's (you-ESS-izz [??]) EPIC winning of the 2010 FIFA World Cup!! And EPIC it was!!

The US carried home the Koman Coulibaly Trophy in stunning fashion by beating the unbeatable Russians 12-11 in what's already known as the Greatest Fuuht-bowl Match of all times!! And also forever!! The Russians hadn't been beaten in TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!!

The big star of the match was Landon Donovan, who scored a fifth quarter hat trick, and then re-married his estranged wife on the podium during the trophy presentation, even though he was proabaly already still married to her because that's what People Magazine told everyone. He then went on to totally not impregnate any young tramps whilst playing for Manchester Hotspurrsenal United Liverpool club team in England last summer.

So bully for you lads (soccer slingo for 'super-duper sweet brah!!')!! Here, in honor of your World Cup Title, is this guy (and his moustache):

The only thing I like more than US Pu**sy

"Super Dud-ical" Charles UPDATE:

I know many of you out there in Charles-burg are restlessly waiting for our webcam show to hit the intranets. Well, it seems that we had a few unforseen SNAFUs along the way. We got some excellent video last night, but the audio ended up sounding like doo-doo. J is gonna waive his magic edit wand over the footage and come up with something. Or we might just set the whole thing to the Ghostbusters song, you know...just to show Charles who's boss.

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