Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey, So Here's A New Picture

Pretty cool, huh??

Dan:I think a squirrel is coming down the alley. Josh: Aww-Shucks (Jorts).

So, you may be asking yourself, "Hey, aren't there like three people in the band?? And what of Charles, the fourth member?? You know, the ghost who lives in the rehearsal space and plays the Giovanni keyboard??" Well, it just so happens that this picture was taken on June 3rd, and while I know that the rest of America was mourning the passing of Rue McClanahan on that date, Charles was busy trying to get frolicsome with the newly-spectre'd Ms. Blanche Devereaux. This left myself as the only one to hold the camera, and therefore miss an opportunity to look dour and staid in front of a half-tagged stone wall.

Also, Charles was not successful in his badonka-quest:

"What a cocktease. You'd think with how frisky she was on that show, she'd want a little action. Bummer. Supposed to go swimming with Jeff Buckley later this week...said Natalie Wood might come along. Fingers crossed!!"


OK, so we do have some things in the Charles-hopper this week. We wrote two new songs (I know!!) of which we should have demos this week, along with the afore-mentioned Horse Collar. Things are also creeping closer to our triumphant debut in KC on July 10th, so we're hitting it two times a week till then. We still need some lyrics, so send your good vibeage our way.

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  1. Charles called me on lunch today he's requesting we write a song about the children>>??? I think he wants us to go Live Aid with our first Bono available>? J