Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ghost Hunters Royal Mile edition:

6/22/2010- Dan Chris and Josh here writing from the Locust Tap on the specter that stalked us at the bands last Visit to the royal mile with guest Photographer Brother Bart. We were sipping high gravity ales and talking about times past when Bart decided to take a pic pic (facebook talk for picture). Upon going back to the New Member Charles greenroom to develop our new exposures an eerie feeling struck us all as we inhaled the developing solution and huffed paint. There it was...the ghost of Al Capone. See picture below.

There is an eerie haze above that we tested with our ekg meter that is undeniably the spirit of one Alfonze Capone. You can tell by the Italian look of his haze that he travels on which is in the center of the picture above. It was then we decided to research this phenomenon so we headed to the local library to pick up the 2006 edition of the Toban's spirit guide which features a whole section on the ghosts of overweight gangsters with std's. We discovered AL had been living in Des Moines for over 20 years due to the low housing costs and abundance of work for people in their afterlife. We decided to ask Charles if he had any encounters with Al's ghost and to our surprise he told us that Al is apart of his side metal project Maggot Empire and plays a mean theremin. Charles mentioned he could get us a sit down and bam 2 days later there we were face to face at a bar with the man himself Ghost Al Capone drinking beers and telling jokes about people he killed with bats and then ran back into in the after life. We had drinks, we laughed, we shared storys it was truly a night Chris Dan and I will never forget.



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  1. DAMN! Wish I could have been there. Ask him what he thought of Deniro in that Brian De Palma flick about him.