Monday, June 28, 2010

Balls!! No, Like HOLY BALLS!!

BIG week here at NMC. We got a special super-awesome dude-ical (yes, dude-ical. That's how big this is) frikkin' sweet (wait for it...)


I know!! At least that's what I think you're supposed to call it. We're gonna set up some web-cams (that's slingo for web-cameras) in Dan's basement, and play our music, and then post it on line. When?? Who knows. Considering it takes us upwards of about two hours to figure out how to change the font on this here blog, it might take us a while to get the whole "uploading content" thing down. But, rest assured, when we do, it will be all like, "Dude!!," and we'll be all, "I know!!"

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