Friday, May 28, 2010

Josh and the Magic Persia sword

Hi, Josh here, Praise be to Charles. As you all already know its only a few weeks till Charles's birthday and as of late i have had a mild gut hernia as to what to give the semi transparent Mozart. Well my search has ended, I was watching the Trailer for the new Prince of Persia movie staring Donnie Darko, which i have already decided i am going to give 5 stars, and there it was .....a magic time sword! Not only does Donnie Darko wield it with cat like precision but it would be great for shows too, dont believe me, check out scenario below.


Donnie Darko in an add for Juvenile Diabetes


fade in- interior day-
NMC playing a show at some rad venue

Chris: dammit Dan you forgot to hit the drum on that part of the song

Dan: You're mean

Charles: (raises sword) Zarnit forgtom molji (
Donnie Darko Sword activates the sands of time)

Josh: wow we're on a sandy dune and there's lava everwhere just like the trailer for
Prince of Persia

Fade out

Get my point? Not only that but great bands of the past have had swords too. The best example being
Naughty by Nature.

Trech, the front man with a magnetic personality, wielded a persian sword named Ali Baba, look how good they turned out. Pretty sure you've heard OPP....pretty sure you liked it too! Stage effects, 3 extra hit points on song writing ability and makes us look like
Donnie Darko...wheres the problem you ask? The problem is where the hell do you find a magical sword at a reasonable price in this economy? Oh opps, done, you find it at Swords of Might, but NMC listener out there, i know you.... your saying this is a replica.... it prolly cant even conjure demons. Yup it is, but it can do all of the above if you have a sorcerer curse it, and Dan, while good at drums, is an even better sorcerer. Problem solved, we all save a few bucks and dont even have to go on a desert chase to find the damn thing.We can drink whisky and hot sauce till the UPS guy brings it to our door. Cant wait to see Chuck open it!



: Since posting this the
Maggie Gillenhal sword on Swords of Might has now gone into backorder due to excitement for the Persian movie , having second thoughts about seeing this movie...didnt think so...neither is Charles!


  1. Question 1.) How many of The Drugs did you take before writing this??

    Question 2.) Do you have any left for me??

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