Saturday, May 22, 2010

Security Check

Here's what happens when you end rehearsal. You hop in your awesomely, and conveniently spaced Honda Element, push play on the iPod, and start jamming out hardcore to Y Control by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Santa hats and misspellings will not stop us from rocking your face

OOPS!! 'Cause then Josh calls you and is all like, "shit, did you lock the door of the rehearsal space," and I'm all like, "umm."

But!! Because he calls, you have to turn down Y Control which is not good because 1.) you can't listen to Y Control anymore, and 2.) there are three high-schoolers walking down the street next to you, and how the hell are they supposed to know how cool you are if they can't realize how hard you rock??

I imagine if Josh had not called for a security check, my conversation with the young ruffians would have gone thusly:

ME: [nods knowingly at punk rockers]

PUNK ROCK KID 1: Who is that??

ME: It's The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

PUNK ROCK KID 2: Never heard of them

ME: Oh, so I guess you're more of the NOFX type punk rockers then??

PUNK ROCK KID 1: Who the fuck is NOFX??

ME: How old are you??

PUNK ROCK KID 2: My dad lets me borrow his credit card to go to the mall.

ME: [drives over punk rockers with my awesomely, and conveniently spaced Honda Element]

Thanks for keeping me out of jail Josh!! You're the best!!

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