Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Album and CD Release June 18th!!!

Hey there fellow music fans the time has come! After years of posting about a new album in the works we will finally be releasing our new born baby into the wild. The album is called Rock & Roll Alligator and it is available for presale on band camp.....NOW.

Album art By John Huffman
The album officially drops June 18th and will be available on all online music sites for stream and download. We will be doing a co release party at Vaudeville Mews on the 18th with The Vahnevants.  Gloom Balloon will be filling out the lineup bringing his incredible music and showmanship to the night. The Vahnevants will be releasing and selling their new tape and we will have CD's and merch for Rock & Roll Alligator available. Doors for the show will be 9:30 and cover is a meager 5 bones. More details to come but for now put the show on your calendar and get over to our bandcamp site to preorder Rock & Roll Alligator and hear Bimbers, the first single of the album.

Pork is better when it's cooked.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I love My shoooooooooooooo...Rex Manning's Sound of Music

AP: Des Moines Iowa-The rock band New Member Charles has broken unprecedented ground by booking two shows in one month. On March 2nd they fulfilled their contract to play the Beaver Tap with the hit local band Foxholes. Now in a stunning turn of events they have been contracted to play a second show on March 26th at the Vaudeville Mews with some of America's biggest bands. 

The show dubbed "Rex Manning's Sound of Music" features New Member Charles, Kiriko, The Beatless, Honey Creeper and DJ Need a Stack all playing hits from the 1960's era. Tickets prices are a steep 5.00$ but for a lineup full of headliners the money is more than worth it for a night of getting kicked in the balls audibly over and over again. Doors open at 9:30 if you want to arrive early and talk with a who's who of local scenesters about your favorite musical songs of the 1960's. For those who prefer to arrive fashionably on time music starts at 10:00pm central standard time. 

First 600 people in the door get a free mountain to throw footballs over.

The event chaired by the illustrious Hill Vintage & Knits will be donating all of their proceeds to develop a time machine to go back in time to prevent past rock stars from getting on airplanes and using intravenous drugs. A worth while cause that will eventually cause a sonic butterfly effect that will be heard for generations to come.

New Member Charles also has a few other events on the docket at Vaudeville Mews to continue their record breaking tour. April 23rd they will be joining up again with Foxholes to celebrate the career of Jim Chensil, more details on the show to come. And May 4th the Charles will join the Seattle based Pony Time and local favorites The Wheelers and Satellite State, for a Star Wars based interactive intergalactic adventure. They also have an album entitled Rock and Roll Alligator scheduled to be released this fall.

New Member Charles also continued it's longtime streak of not getting into the GDP festival for a record 6th year in a row. Band Manager Chistyl Dounch commented saying "The band would like to thank the handful of people who voted for New Member Charles this year." and continued "The band has now lost the contest or been left out of selections for 6 years in a row which gives them the record for most times something has been lost." Dounch is commenting on the recent national news that the band beat the previous title holder Leonardo DiCaprio after he successfully won the academy award on his 6th attempt.

Join New Member Charles on March 26th and beyond to help them celebrate their record braking run in losing and playing shows.

"Trust no one...except people who are trustworthy"- Chole Brungston


Monday, February 8, 2016

I love My shoooooooooooooo... new show update with Foxholes!

Hey Chauncey, we have a show coming up and we'd like you to attend.  The catch, it's free. That means you don't have to pay anything unless you want to grab a hot dog or an ice cold glass of beer. Think of it, at that price we could have one of our members blackout on stage (This almost never happens..sometimes) and it wouldn't cost you nuttin so it would totally be worth it. Oh and one more thing Foxholes have been nice enough to share the bill so this has turned into a fireworks extravaganza! Check out their music here.

On Wednesday, March 2nd we will be greasing up our instruments and bodies for one night only to play all of your favorites hits from the decades you know and love (mainly the current decade). No word yet on if the Foxholes will be greasing or using an alternative warm up method but they will also be playing songs from a decade. This will all go down around 9 pm at The Beaver Tap in the lush Beaverdale area of Des Moines Iowa, USA. We will also have a special going as it's our annual Ladies Night show, so bring a lady and you wont have to pay any cover.

"Did you say Ladies don't have to pay cover?"

That right Jeff Bazers no cover and also no cover for ladies and no cover for you if you bring a lady, and no cover for you if you don't bring a Lady. We have been creating music in the Des Moines area for over a half decade and when a marquee band like us drops insane deals like this you are stupid if you don't take advantage. Ok lets run this down again,

1. March 2nd 2016
2. Beaver Tap
3. New Member Charles
4. Foxholes
5. No cover
6. Ladies Pay no cover
7. Guys if you bring a lady no cover
8. No cover for people who don't bring a lady but think about it. 
9. Two Sets
10. 9:00 pm
11. Its at a bar so they sell beer and liquor
12. Your stupid if you don't come
13. Wont be having a drawing for a free sports car

"Why don't my other favorite bands have deals like this?"

We got a few more shows in the works in March and May as well as a newly mixed and mastered album that we will be releasing this spring so check back for updates in the coming weeks and we will update you with the information on the items mentioned in the beginning of this run-on sentence. 

Your dreams are as real as you make them, so make them good so they don't suck. -Poet


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beaver Tap Tonight! July second Party.

Come see us play at the Beaver Tap tonight. We will be playing songs. It doesnt cost any money. We are playing 2 sets. We start at 8:00. We havent practiced in a while. We have a new 12 string guitar player named Connor. 

A pic from our last Beaver Tap show. 

I believe we can win the next world cup, 


Monday, April 7, 2014

Come celebrate yappy Day with City Views New Member Charles.

Tonight is Yappy day come celebrate it with us as we return to the Vaudeville Mews. We are playing with the French Dials and Universe Contest. We are going to tune up our strings for this one. Doors at 8:30 cover 5 bones linky's here and here.
Try as they will, try as they might, who steals Yappie's gold wont live through the night.

We are also proud to announce that City View's Chad Taylor recently did a stunning bio on us in the current issue of City View. In honor of this we will no longer be known as "New Member Charles". We are now instead going by "City View's Own New Member Charles Taylor". We though about it for a while and decided it's going to help our chances at the Grammy we are going to get with our next album to be released late spring/ early summer. Here a link to the article and you can also read it on news stands now. 
Have a cool day bitches!